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Solarium Argentum
Window display - Glogauair

Window showcase


Recorded gestural compositions.

Solarium Argentum consists of two video performances.

Part of the Multiphased performance installation Als - Άλς.

The Solarium Argentum project is based on gestural and material choreographies.

Environments are shaped beyond the scale of human existence yet also shaped by it.  A slow accumulation, dissolution and migration of material. Where we see a mass of fragments we are only witnessing a brief moment in the process of change and evolution. 


The combination of Salt and Soil in Papavasiliou's gestural compositions act as literal and symbolic materials.

A reference to human-induced salinization, a  phenomenon that has been reported since centuries where humanity and salinity have lived one aside the other. The work Solarium Argentum is a metaphor to dichotomies and dual effects caused by the human-induced actions.  


The different forms of salt (running and solid form) in the work comprise aesthetic contradictions. 

Displayed just in front of Glogauer Strasse in Berlin, the urban surrounding becomes another contrast, and part of the work.


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