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Multidisciplinary artist

(Performance, mediaturgy, sculptural scenography, live art direction)


Nasia Papavasiliou is a multidisciplinary artist from the South of Cyprus that lives and works in London since 2012.
Graduate of Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design, she holds a Master of Arts in Performance: Design and Practice.

She worked as a Teaching and Learning Assistant tutor for the equivalent BA course at Central Saint Martins as well as an Artistic Researcher for MAD lab of Cyprus University of Technology.

She created work in the UK, Cyprus, Greece, Spain and currently Germany.

Her works were presented in theatre and gallery spaces as well as in site-specific interventions.

Her most recent works were shown at the ETKO Winery Limassol, Barbican Centre's , Platform theatre Kings cross,  Point centre of contemporary art - Nicosia, Skopelos Art Foundation, Joya  Arte y Ecologia, Dance House Limassol, Glogauair Berlin and soon Prague Quadrienial 2023. 


In parallel with her artistic practice, she works in various collaborations as an artistic researcher and artistic collaborator (Media Art and Design Lab - TEPAK University Cyprus), visual dramaturg/scenographer and site-specific artist in various projects.


Papavasiliou’s personal works have a poetic and imaginative sensibility translated through performance, sculptural scenography, video and installation art.
She usually uses metaphoric imagery, raw - at times ephemeral materials that activate layers of performative actions to generate symbolic and enigmatic meanings.

She started using peripatetic research methods to trace and question the absurdity of her divided country’s significance within the global political geography.
The tracing/mapping of different locations, therefore, became the way that her art works are informed by. 

Her new body of work is currently looking into dichotomy and dualism, the liminal space in-between zones fascinated by the concept of their in-between-ness (Nepantla) and existential spatiality.
Papavasiliou’s practice addresses the interrelationship of spatial, social, political and ecological narratives. In a synthesis of recorded interventions and live compositions using the symbolic material of Salt (both in its running and condensed form), the artist creates bridges of resonance across narratives and liminal spaces.

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