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Tracing (Un)Familiar Territory
Platform Theatre King's Cross

The project consists of a floor video installation, a 40 minute sculptural performance a recorded intervention and a small series of documentary video snippets.


Conceived, Visualised and Directed by: Nasia Papavasiliou.

Performed by: Svenjia Bjul


Visuals from videos were recorded during the artist's crossing to the North so-called Occupied part of her County - Cyprus. 


Tracing (Un)familiar territory examines the interface between North and South (specific to Cyprus) after a 5 month field work research between the borders of Nicosia.

“The city is divided above ground but unified below, because gravity and economics conspired

to prevent the duplication of water and sewrage infrastructure. For sewrage there is no obstacle.

“ Nevzat Oznel -

Floor video installation

Shortcut from Live Performance

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