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Tracing (Un)Familiar Territory
Platform Theatre King's Cross

Floor video installation

The project consists of a floor video installation, a 40 minute sculptural performance a recorded intervention and a small series of documentary video snippets.

 Conceived, Visualised and Directed by: Nasia Papavasiliou.

Performed by: Svenjia Bjul 

Visuals from videos were recorded during the artist's crossing to the North so-called Occupied part of her County - Cyprus.  Tracing (Un)familiar territory examines the interface between North and South (specific to Cyprus) after a 5 month field work research between the borders of Nicosia.​“The city is divided above ground but unified below, because gravity and economics conspiredto prevent the duplication of water and sewrage infrastructure. For sewrage there is no obstacle.“ Nevzat Oznel -​​​

Shortcut from Live Performance

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